Daily Report for June 18

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Current Weather:


Location: Talkeetna
Latitudinal Coordinates: 62.31° N
Longitudinal Coordinates: 150.08° W
Altitude: 346 ft
Temperature: 66° F
Current Weather: Partly Cloudy


Location: Denali
Latitudinal Coordinates: 63.20° N
Longitudinal Coordinates: 150.30° W
Altitude: 2450 ft
Temperature: 66° F
Current Weather: Cloudy

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Heading To Denali by Lauren P

Today was a day full of driving and fun activities! First we woke up at about eight in the morning to prepare for the long car ride to Denali!  Up until about 11:00am we were packing and preparing for the long car trip, but finally everything was all packed away and we were off to Denali! The car trip was only supposed to take about four hours but we stopped a lot of times to do some fun things, so all in all the trip took about eight hours!! I think that everybody would agree that going to Talkeetna was definitely the most fun thing we did. After two hours of driving we stopped in a really cute little town called Talkeetna! There was many friendly people and cool shops. Personally my favorite thing in Talkeetna was the homemade ice cream shop. The cinnamon ice cream was amazing!! After spending an hour and a half there we loaded up the vans again and set out to Denali.  But we weren’t done yet! After a few more hours in the van somebody told us that there were moose off to the side of the road!! Everybody was so excited so we stopped and took pictures of the two moose drinking from the little pond. Finally after eight hours we arrived at Denali and found our camping site where we set up tents and had dinner. Then we had hug time and then bedtime. I thought that it was very strange that it could be
eleven at night and still be very light. But despite the light everybody slept very well at their first night in Denali!

Talkeetna by Sydney B

Today we were driving for a long time and decided to stop in Talkeetna, AK. I asked people what they thought about Talkeetna. I asked Asha R what she thought about Talkeetna and she explained “ I didn’t like it because it was a junky town.” But on the other hand Alivia S said, “Talkeetna was a really cute little town with many little shops.”