Daily Report for June 26

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Location: Denali
Latitudinal Coordinates: 63.20° N
Longitudinal Coordinates: 150.30° W
Altitude: 2450 ft
Temperature: 58° F
Current Weather: Rain


Current Weather:


Location: Palmer
Latitudinal Coordinates: 62.19° N
Longitudinal Coordinates: 150.06° W
Altitude: 207 ft
Temperature: 60° F
Current Weather: Cloudy

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Talent Show and the Drive to Palmer by Laura M

            Last night, we had our first talent show! I really liked it. I got to see some people’s talents for the first time. The first act was the Whale Van singing a parody of I Kissed A Girl. It was hilarious! The next act was Anna Seifert reading a magnificent poem that she wrote in the Place Where You Go To Listen. Everyone loved her poem. Then my van, the Mosquito Van, performed our rap. After that Monica and Jordan had an interesting and unique performance. Then Bryar Thelen sang an original song he had written. And finally, the last act was all the girl junior leaders. Theirs, was very funny. They did a skit about Team Clay and Team Matt. Overall, I really enjoyed the talent show. I think that everyone who was in it is brave for performing in front of not only AGLP but also the store owners and a few customers. I cannot wait for the second talent show.
            Today, we left Denali and came back to Palmer. So we had to take down our tents. It was pouring while we took them down! Lucky us. But we all helped each other, which was nice. We then took off. About halfway we stopped in Talkeetna. We didn’t stay there as long as we did a couple days ago though. We had lunch and had an hour of free time. Then we hit the road again. We drove the rest of the way to Palmer. We’ll be sleeping in the church for two nights. Bye!