Bill's Bucket List

Interviewed by Maddie B

Today we stopped in Talkeetna, Alaska for lunch. I interviewed an elderly man named Bill. He lives in South Carolina and is just visiting Alaska with his wife. He is in Alaska because it is on his bucket list. He told me he had always wanted to visit Alaska and is glad he finally got the chance to. When I asked Bill why he wanted to visit Alaska he said, “ I have always heard amazing things about Alaska and I really wanted to experience it myself.”

He said the things he liked the most about Alaska were the breath-taking scenery and all of the amazing places to visit here. So far he and his wife have Denali National Park, Fairbanks, and a few other small town similar to Talkeetna along the way. His favorite part of his experience in Alaska so far was visiting Husky Frontier. That is a place where you get to witness not only a series of sled-dog races, but also a demonstration. He told me he is looking forward to seeing/ trying many new things.