AGLP 2013 Itinerary

AGLP 2013 Itinerary

Subject to change depending on weather and other opportunities.

June 12 Wednesday

Arrive at school parking lot by 2:30

Bus to Chicago Leaves at 3 AM

Fly to Anchorage Arrive  1:30 PM

Bus to Church in Palmer

June 13 Thursday

Get Vans and get organized

Practice with tents

Buy Food

Pool Party

June 14 Friday

Drive to Denali NP

Stop in Talkeetna for lunch

Camp at Grizzly Bear Campground

June 15 Saturday

Climb Mt Healy

June 16 Sunday


Dog Demonstration in Park

FISH Activities

June 17 Monday

All day Denali National Park

By bus starting early!

Pizza Party from Lynx Creek


June 18 Tuesday

Three Lakes Trail

Talent Show

June 19 Wednesday

To Fairbanks

Set up tents and get oriented

Tour Fairbanks


June 20 Thursday


To Beach at North Pole, AK

June 21 Friday

Museum of the North

UAF Bookstore

Visit Pipeline

Midnight Sun Baseball


June 22 Saturday

Farmers Market

Visit to Large Animal Research Center

Midnight Sun Run

June 23 Sunday

Solstice Festival

Until 2PM – Eat Lunch there

Drive to Denali NP

Camp at Grizzly Bear Campground

June 24 Monday

Drive to Palmer

Stop in Talkeetna for road lunch

Pool Party

June 25 Tuesday

Drive to Seward

Lunch in Girdwood at Bake Shop

June 26 Wednesday

Boat on Resurrection Bay all day

June 27 Thursday

Climb Exit Glacier

Visit Bear Creek Weir

Possible Salmon dinner.

June 28 Friday

Drive To Homer

Stop at Russian Church

Camp at Seaside Farm

June 29 Saturday

Tide Pool

Beach Clean-Up


June 30 Sunday

All day whale watch

July 1 Monday

Some time on the Spit in afternoon.

Pratt and Islands and Oceans Museums

Halibut Dinner?

Wildflower Walk at night

July 2 Tuesday

Drive to Palmer

July 3 Wednesday

Hatcher Pass

Hot dogs at Independence Mine

July 4 Thursday

Picnic Party at Emily’s


July 5 Friday

Return Vans

Pizza Party in Church

Plane Home leaves 11:30PM

July 6 Saturday

Arrive Home about 1:30 PM

Phone Nunbers for Emergency Use Only

Remember 4 Time Hour Difference.

Ishtar 269-830-3159

Steve 269-967-3517

Palmer Church 907-715-4945

Denali GB Resort 907-683-2696

Fairbanks TV Camp 907-590-5900

Homer Seaside 907-235-7850