Anna Sitar’s Interview

While in Denali, I was lucky enough to meet Dianna Jones and her husband from Cape Town, South Africa who enjoy traveling across countries and states. Their most recent trip took place over a 15 month time span which started in Argentina and finished in Alaska.

The vacation for this retired couple started with the shipping over of their car from South Africa to Argentine. Then, when they met their truck in South America, they started their road trip up from South America, across the 48 states, through Canada, and finished in the 49th state, where they met Alex Campau and I at the Grizzly Bear Camp Ground. We asked the married couple if they had ever make a trip like this before and Dianna Jones responded that they had traveled from there home to the most northern part of Norway within one year.

We also asked Mrs. Jones if she had a family back in Cape Town and she told us about her 3 children and 8 grandchildren. We asked her if she would ever make a third trip like this again and she said maybe.