Description:  The journalisms committee’s responsibility is to keep the rest of the travelers and the community in Marshall updated on the events and activities occurring in Alaska.

Responsibilities of Junior Leader

  • Final editor of all articles to be published
  • Develop a system for downloading and storing edited articles
  • Make sure that participants’ articles are finished on time
  • Charge computers and keep equipment in right place and organized
  • Combine a few of the articles with the efforts of the interview committee
  • Daily, two different kinds of articles:  What we did with details, and a creative look at the events of the day.
  • Supervise the collection and editing of “Alaska is…” articles during mid trip and “Final Reflections” at the end.
  • Articles should describe participant’s feelings about the day or special events during the trip.
  • Encourage creativity.
  • Deadlines are to be set and followed Something due each and every day.
  • Make sure that equipment is handled properly and returned to its correct place

Guidelines for Participants


       Description:  The interview committee is responsible for interviewing and talking with “people who look interesting” while we are in Alaska.

Responsibilities of the Junior Leader

  • Sets a minimum of stories participants should write, and interviews to be done
  •  Make sure that participants have written questions prior to each interview
  • Final editors of all articles written
  • Develop a system for downloading and storing edited articles
  • Make sure that participants complete articles and are finished on time
  • Charge computers and keep equipment in right place and organized
  • Combine a few of the articles with the efforts of the journalism committee


Guidelines for Participants

  • Encourage creativity.
  • Deadlines are to be set and followed
  • Make sure that equipment is handled properly and returned to its correct place
  • Encourage participants to follow the FISH philosophy when speaking with individuals they are interviewing
  • Remind participants that we are representing the community of Marshall, AGLP, and Marshall Middle School


       Description:  The materials committee is in charge of all supplies used while in Alaska.  They will also be responsible for the set-up and disposal of trash bags and recycling efforts when possible.  Added this year, this committee will be responsible for making sure the coolers have sufficient ice and are properly maintained. This committee will also act as the Science Committee.

Responsibilities of the Junior Leader

  • To be an “expert” of the material used
  • During tent use make use that they are assembled and taken down properly, and that none of the parts are missing
  • Assist others in putting up and taking down tents
  • Assist in installing  and removing CB radios
  • Organize the recycling effort to reduce. Collect, and dispose of all garbage created by the group
  • Recycle glass, can, paper, etc when possible.
  • Maintain a list of tent repairs
  • Keep a daily record of cooler conditions and needs.
  • Teach committee how to properly put up the tents.
  • Instruct participants in proper care of tents
  • Provide tools for putting up and taking down tents
  • Do regular inspections of the tents
  • Do small repairs if needed
  • Make sure that recyclables and garbage are taken care of in an orderly fashion
  • Keep accurate records of cooler contents and conditions.
  • Practice with the tents prior to the trip.
  • Teach the other participants to correctly put up, take down, and store the tents.

Guidelines for Participants

*Digital Photography

       Description:  The photography committee is responsible for capturing the trip on film.

Responsibilities of the Junior Leader

  • Enforce the rule that each participant brings his/her camera wherever we go
  • Instruct participants to capture special moments
  • Set a minimum number of photographs to be taken each day by the participants, and to also follow this rule themselves
  • Download pictures from the digital cameras on a daily basis to be put on the website
  • Check all batteries, and make sure that they are properly charged
  • Have extra memory cards available for committee use.
  • Provides the Web Page Committee with as many pictures as needed each day.  Make sure all participants and adults appear regularly.
  • Mountains are beautiful, but strongly encourage participants to take pictures with meaning
  • Make sure that the photography committee is taking pictures of all participants equally
  • Instruct on proper use and care of cameras
  • Encourage creativity
  • Prior to going to Alaska give some instruction on good picture taking techniques, possibly by working with a photographer.
  • Make sure batteries are properly charged and the pictures are downloaded daily.

Guidelines for Participants


Description:  The Nutrition committee is in charge of constructing a menu, a list of groceries, and schedule of cooks.

Responsibilities of the Junior Leader

  • Make sure that each group that is cooking knows how to prepare the meal, and what meal to cook (Make a set of recipe cards and have these laminated to keep in the food van.)
  • Post the food menu in the food van
  • The menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anything extra
  • Responsible for working with and preparing for any vegetarians and others with special needs.
  • Make sure that there is the correct quantity of food, enough for 72.
  • Organize shopping list for Sam’s Club
  • Make sure that menu follows nutrition guidelines
  • Create a schedule for vans to prepare meals


Guidelines for Participants

  • Allow participants input on menu choices
  • Responsible for shopping done at Sam’s Club
  • Help with the organization and stocking of food van
  • At least one committee member should work with the meal makers each meal of each day.  Help with everything from set-up to clean-up.


          Description:  The video committee captures the trip on camera.

Responsibilities of the Junior Leader

  • Enforce rule that participants bring cameras everywhere
  • Develop a system of rotation for the cameras
  • Video footage taken should be of the activities taking place that day Label downloads.
  • Train the participants prior to the trip, so they can build video skills, and are experts before we leave for Alaska
  • Make sure video batteries are charged at all times
  • Keep track of cords and extra equipment that goes along with the cameras and computers
  • Set deadlines for finalized videos
  • Make sure video taken is of the activities of the day
  • Insist on proper care of the equipment
  • Encourage creativity

Guidelines for the Participants


Description:  The FISH committee keeps the entire group in good spirits.

Responsibilities of the Junior Leaders

  • Remind the group continually of the four parts of the FISH Philosophy
  • Plan activities to create group cohesion
  • Make business cards for each participant
  • Use creativity in thinking of ways to make the trip better by applying the FISH Philosophy
  • Better the trip not only for the participants, but also for the people we meet
  • Have activities planned prior to the trip, along with dates and expected times, informing travelers if they need to bring anything from Michigan (Dance etc.)
  • Have activities ready to do with the group during down times (Games, etc.)
  • Find when group birthdays are to be celebrated and plan for the needed decorations and presents.


Guidelines for Participants

  • Encourage involvement, have participants of the FISH committee be the trend setters
  • Set up pre-meetings to develop activities and ideas to establish the FISH Philosophy
  • The FISH committee needs to be the experts on the FISH Philosophy
  • Encourage creativity
  • Make sure everyone is involved every day!
  • Make sure all the above is done by the leaders.


          Description:  The Science committee is in charge of collecting weather and water data from all the places we visit while on the trip.  Also works as the Materials Committee.

Responsibilities of the Junior Leader

  • In report of weather condition include; current weather, temperature, air pressure, humidity,  Also any changes in weather that occurred during the day.  This goes on the web page each day.
  • In report of water data include; Location (Longitude, Latitude, Description), Temperature, pH, and others to be determined.
  • Keep track of recording and periodically share findings with the group
  • Keep all data organized
  • Comparisons from previous trips should be done
  • Team up with journalism committee to creates a creative and informative article about the collections and samples taken
  • Plan meetings with the participants prior to the trip so they can learn the use and care of all instruments
  • Prepare prior to the trip for days you will collect data, and where you will test.  Be consistent with previous years


Guidelines for Participants

  • All participants should be proficient in the use of all instruments used for weather and water data collection
  • Make sure all participants are using the same style when recording information
  • Let participants know what some of the numbers mean that have been collected


     Description:  The Podcast Committee will prepare a Podcast each day that will be saved an posted through a link on the AGLP Webpage.

Responsibilities of the Junior Leader

  • Make sure leaders are proficient with the production of podcasts prior to the trip.
  • Practice making podcasts with the members of your committee.
  • Post pre-trip podcasts on the AGLP Web Page.
  • Make sure a podcast is prepared and posted on the web page each evening during the trip.
  • Make sure pictures and video is taken that will be part of the podcast.

Guidelines for Participants

  • Make sure you learn how to make a podcast prior to the trip
  • Work with Junior Leaders to develop a style to be used by the Podcast Committee.
  • Prepare pre-trip podcasts for the web page.
  • Take pictures and videos to be used in the podcast
  • Prepare a podcast DAILY in Alaska and give this to the Web Committee to add to the web page.



Description:  Responsible for the preparation and daily updating the AGLP Webpage.

Responsibilities of the Committee

  • Prepare the webpage for easy updating prior to the trip
  • Add as much info to the web page as possible prior to the trip
  • Update the webpage daily with information from the Journalism, Interview, Podcast, Nutrition, and Science Committees.