Interview by Hannah Delmotte on July 4

Yesterday at the pool I met a guy named Clint. He is married to Mr. Rosene’s daughter Emily. Emily and Clint have a son together named Boone. Boone will be 7 years old in August. They all live in Biglake Alaska. Clint hasn’t always lived in Alaska. He was born in Greenvile Michigan. Clint moved to Alaska because of his beautiful wife Emily. They have lived in Alaska for 10 years.
Clint’s favorite part about Alaska is hunting. Clint hunts almost anything such as bears, moose, caribou, or deer. Clint recently shot a caribou with a bow. He is very proud of his kill. He loves to hunt for the thrill of it. He also enjoys that it is not a team sport because he is not a team player.
When I asked Clint what the most difficult part about living in Alaska was I was not expecting his answer. Clint thinks the most difficult part of Alaska is working when it is 20 degrees below zero. I cant imagine working in that type of whether! He is a builder and he has built just about everything especially houses.
Clint was a very nice person to interview. He has a very colorful personality and is full of jokes. I will never forget my trip to Alaska and all the wonderful people I have met.
By: Hannah Delmotte

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