Interview by Jane Turner on July 1

Savanna Bradley
We spent this morning at the Pratt Museum exploring the area of Homer and it’s history. Each group had a “tour guide” of sorts walking us through the museum and narrating the exhibits. I met Savanna Bradley near the end of our visit and was intrigued by her story.
Savanna began working as an intern for the Pratt Museum in middle school, she was interested in anthropology and the community. After working in the museum through high school she went to Oregon for two years for college. Savanna then came back to Alaska UAF for her undergrad.
She actually went to college for art. Her favorite piece she has ever made was called “Too Much Tea”, she created it with tea bags, plaster, and paint. After college, she came back to Homer and started working at the same museum she interned at as a middle schooler! Savanna told me that her favorite exhibit has always been the homestead exhibit in the interactive collection. Miss. Bradley is now the collections manager at the Pratt Museum.
By: Jane Turner