Food on July 4, 2013

We had cereal for breakfast, while for lunch we had PB and Js and chips (or ham or chicken if we wanted  . For dinner we had hot dogs, burgers made with moose and caribou, chips,  and potato sala...

Food of the Day July 3

For breakfast we had french toast. Lunch was packed and consisted of a sandwich, clementine, carrots, and chips. For dinner we ate roasted chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Food on July 2, 2013

For breakfast we had cereal. For lunch we had P.B. and Js or McDonalds if you paid for it. Then for dinner we had the much looked forward to Halibut dinner.

Food on July 1, 2013

For breakfast we had left over pancakes. Since we had a lat breakfast, we just had snacks. For dinner we had sloppy joe sandwiches.

Food on June 28

Breakfast was cereal. Lunch was sandwiches, or your choice if wanted to buy. Dinner was fantastic chicken alfredo and salad.

Food Report on June 27

Breakfast was breakfast burritos. Lunch was a sandwich, granola bar, chips, a choice of a clementine or apple, and cookies. Dinner was a wonderful dinner by the drivers, it was salmon with a side of ...

Food on June 26

For breakfast we had bagels and cereal.  Lunch was a packed lunch with chips, granola bar, and a sandwich.