Food on June 24

Breakfast was Cereal and strawberries. Lunch was sandwiches. Dinner was  stuff baked potatoes and cookies for desert.

Food on June 23

Breakfast was cereal and hard boiled eggs. Lunch was on our own at the festival. Last but not least dinner was a hobo dinner.

Food on June 22

Breakfast was cereal, lunch was on our own at the farmers market, and dinner was Hamburgers and hot dogs.

Food of The Day June 21, 2013

For breakfast we had French tuost with blueberries and  sausages, for lunch we had sandwiches. For dinner we had salads and concession snacks at the game!

Food on June 20

For breakfast we had a bagel sandwich with eggs, sausages, and cheese, with a side of fruit. Lunch was DIY chicken wraps. Dinner was hot dogs or hamburgers. Watermelon, pasta salad, potato salad, a...

Food on June 19

Breakfast was very filling with cereal, lunch we had anything you where will to pay for at the framers market, your sandwiches at camp. For dinner we had noodles with meat sauce.