The Fourth In Alaska! by Josie Herman July 4

            We woke up to our National Anthem playing on the stereo. Moans and groans sounded across the church. As everyone woke up at their own pace some went and retrieved breakfast, which was cereal. After everybody went through the line to wash their dishes we were all told to go and clean out our vans and reorganize our bags. Rushing out the door to get the job done was something we all had in mind.

Washing and sweeping the vans was only the beginning of the day. Next we grabbed our individual box and brought them inside to empty them out and then stack them upon each other. As we unpacked our duffels we looked among all our dirty clothes and all the souvenirs we bought. We had to re-roll all our clothing items and towels. Next, looking through all my shower items, I pondered over what could be thrown away. Getting rid of these items would help reduce weight in my bag. As I Packed everything back inside I took all my liquids out of my carry on.

IMG_1578            Lunch began to be made in the middle of all the reorganization. I, along with a few of my friends were the first to notice lunch was set up and about to be served. We lined up and were the first to begin making our lunch. For lunch we had sandwiches that ranged from a meat sandwich to Peanut Butter and Jelly to a Nutella sandwich. Along with that we had chips or Pringles and a Clementine. Everybody sat next to their bag as they ate their lunch.

A meeting was held shortly after explaining the rest of the day and our final reflection assignment. About fifteen minutes later we left for Emily’s house, which is Mr. Rosene’s daughter.

When we arrived we all either went into the basement and hung out or went outside and went swimming in the cold lake. For dinner we had hot dogs, Potato Salad, chips, and Pink Lemonade. We then had a wonderful dessert, Strawberry Shortcake. Many kids enjoyed the Strawberry Shortcake and went up to get seconds but were denied because there was not enough for everyone. We all relaxed after a filling dinner. Later on we all piled onto the back lawn to take a look at the lake. Looking upon the lake, even though it was light outside, we watched fireworks being shot from the dock. They were nothing compared to fireworks in the dark. After the grand finale we all loaded back up into our vans for our last van ride together.

When we all arrived and came together as a whole we all began to talk about how memorable each of our rides were. We then started our dance party. Everybody gathering together at the center of the floor wearing either something crazy or their white shirt to be signed. At first, nobody was quite sure about the whole thing but as the music continued to play we all got to our feet and began to dance. Whether it was a groovy song or a slow song, everybody was up, moving their feet, and having a good time. The party lasted for about three hours, when the party ended it was time for our second to last hug time. Knowing this was the second to last everybody made it count. After hugging everybody we were then sent to bed.


Josie Herman

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