Trip Structure

The trip consists of five types of travellers. These are outlined below.


Participants are first time travellers, normally eighth graders. Participants make up the majority of the trip, with around 50 normally on the trip.

Junior Leaders

Junior Leaders are students in high school and college that are returning to Alaska with the AGLP. Junior Leaders aid in the organization of most of the trip while in Alaska. They also provide help and guidance to participants on the trip. There are three types of Junior Leaders.

Junior Beaders

These are first time Junior Leaders. The name “Junior Beader” comes from a leadership program they must complete while on the trip. In order to complete this program, Beaders must show various ways in which they are responsible. For each way shown, they earn a bead. To complete the Beader program, they must earn at least 7 out of the 9 possible beads. There is usually five to seven of these on the trip.

Junior Leaders

This group consists of people who are returning to Alaska after completing the Beader stage successfully. There is usually five to seven of these on the trip.

Junior Leader Leaders

These are usually college students who have already been on the trip several times. They provide guidance and support for the other Junior Leaders. There is usually two or three of these on the trip.


Drivers are charged with driving twelve rental vans for the trip. They also help support all the other travellers.