Alexandra Egnatuk Day 19

Day 19

Alexandra Egnatuk

Today we had the fishing trips; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was a part of the afternoon trip and my friend, Mackenzie, went in the morning. Both trips were very successful and caught many fish. It was mostly Pollock, but some cod. The fish were plentiful, and were coming one after the other for both of the groups. The bins were pretty much full within the first hour, and the weather was perfect. The sun was out and everyone had to take off all of his or her extra layers.
For the first trip the group had to wake up at six-thirty. My tent-mate, Kendra, stepped me on while she was trying to get out of the tent. I woke up temporarily, but knowing that I was on the second trip I fell back asleep with a sigh of relief. Boone woke the rest of us up at eight forty-five. The morning trip was so successful that they were only out for three hours. They got back to the docks while the second group and those that would not be fishing were at the Pratt Museum.
When my group was done at the Pratt Museum we walked out to the vans and separated into two groups, those who were going and those who were not. The drivers were figuring out how people were going so we could take minimal amount of vans. We then climbed into the three vans that the fishing group would be taking and drove off toward the docks on the spit. I rode in the Otter van and when we got to the parking lot every space was full so we drove farther down the road and turned around then went back to the same lot. By the time we got back a few spaces had opened up and Stephanie quickly pulled into a spot as somebody pulled out.
We hopped out of the vans, walked across the street, and started eating our lunch while a couple of people went to get their fishing licenses. We were a little early so we were sitting around just talking when a big Bernese mountain dog lumbered over to us. He was really friendly and sat around allowing us to pet him for about fifteen minutes. After he sauntered away it was about time for us to go down to the boat. We followed Steve and John down to the boat and waited for directions to get on the boat. Ashton, one of the people who would be helping us, took our names and, if needed, their fishing licenses then we got on the boat and put our backpacks on. After everyone was on the boat we all took a seat and we made our way out to the spot where we’d be fishing.
When we finally got to the spot, we had a quick lesson on what to do then we dropped our lines and the fish started coming. After about an hour the buckets were almost full. There weren’t enough poles for everybody so I was taking a break and talking to Olivia when Jack Merucci caught a huge cod. They took a lot of pictures then filleted it and stuffed the fish in a bucket. I ended up catching six fish and had a really good time. We ate our fish that we caught for dinner and it was really good. I think that if I get a chance to deep-sea fish again that I will.

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