Alexandra Egnatuk – Day 8

Day 8


Alexandra Egnatuk


This morning we got to sleep later than usual. When I woke up, I ate a simple breakfast consisting of cereal and milk. After breakfast we went to the Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market.

While we were there I got some cookies and lemonade. I saw people eating reindeer and buffalo. I also saw really neat jewelry. I tried reindeer sausage and it was pretty good. At about eleven o’clock this morning almost everybody piled into the vans. Some people were late so after waiting about five minutes, Ishtar sent me to go find them. I was successful and about ten minutes later we pulled out of the market’s parking lot to go do our laundry.

The whole group split and went to three different laundry places. While I was waiting for my laundry to be done I reorganized my bag so that I could find things easier. After my laundry was done, I folded it and went out to my van. When everybody’s laundry was done we drove back to the campground so that people could use the restroom and get stuff organized again.

When everybody was ready, Ishtar told us we were going to the pipeline. We all hopped back into the vans and drove to the pipeline. While we were there we took lots of pictures and Ishtar told us a little about it. When we were all done we drove back to the campground and ate dinner.

Later we are leaving to run in the 10K Sun Run then we are going to the midnight baseball game. I think that everybody has enjoyed the day so far and the rest will be great.

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