Asher Wertheimer Interview

Interviewee: Ian

Place: Palmer Farmers Market

The moment we entered the farmers market, we began to see many interesting people, but one person in particular caught my eye. A man standing, playing a saxaphone by a stand saying ‘RAISING MONEY FOR BAND CAMP, PLEASE HELP.’ I knew this was my man. Ian has just got off the ‘market’ as he put it, and is just trying to make some money playing saxophone. He has been playing sax for 5 years now, and really fell in love with music about 2 years ago. But he didn’t develop this love on his own. His mother was a musician, playing violin professionally in college. She encouraged the kids interest in music but never really pushed the hobby on them, just let them determine their own interests. On the side, Ian did a workshop in California, and has a saxophone quartet, doing much volunteer work, including playing for the Red Cross. Ian has lived in Anchorage for all of his 18 years, and is the oldest of 3 siblings, all of which play their own instruments. I thanked the musician, and began to leave when he asked what our group was about. After explaining to him, he remarked that he had recently traveled to Battle Creek, a fact I found to be very noteworthy. It seems as though everyone in Alaska has been to Michigan.

Asher Wertheimer

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