Mike Sitar Day 2

Day 2

Mike Sitar

For my first time sleeping in a tent it went extremely well, I didn’t get wet and had little trouble falling asleep. To top it all off I got a really fun tent assignment, we call ourselves the “Eagle Squad” and consist of five teenage comedians. For breakfast this morning we all had bagels and juice.

After I got dressed all of the kids and adults that hadn’t gone to get the vans went outside and played two teambuilding games while we waited for the cars to come. One of the games we played was called zap, which was a name game, and the other was called human knot, you basically untie a human knot in this game. Afterward we picked up our backpacks and went on a walk through the town to pass the time.

Once we came back, our four wheeled chariots were waiting for us. I ended up with a white van that was driven by Steve Washburn. Steve is a really cool guy whose main goal is to make sure the participants are having a great time. The participants and adults then got inside of the vans and went to Sams club to get food for meals and snacks for the vans.

We ended the day by going to the palmer pool. I had a great time and took my first shower of the trip. A great end to a even better beginning.


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