Derry Kramer – Day 10

Day 10 – Derry Kramer
Today, we were woken around nine a.m. It took a few nudges to get me up, but eventually I was up and functioning. After I brushed my teeth and hair, I walked back to the pavilion for breakfast: omelets. We made them in an interesting way; first, we put an egg into a ziplock bag along with anything else we wanted (I had spinach and cheese). Then, we sealed the bag and ‘scrambled’ the egg by squishing and mixing it with our hands. After, we boiled the bags until the eggs were cooked. I was actually surprised at how good they turned out.
Later, we went on a two or three hour long hike. We passed a few cool things like moose tracks, flowers and other plants, and even several beaver lodges. At the first rest stop, near a beautiful lake, Mark had us sit and listen to, watch, and smell nature without any human influence such as car exhaust, plane and truck engines, and talking. It was pretty amazing; I heard so many different birds and bugs, and even the wind in the grass. The air was so clean, so much fresher than even the air in small cities like Marshall.
After returning from the Three Lake Trail, we had a quick lunch of sandwiches and chips. Almost immediately, everyone left for a sled dog show in Denali. We got to pet a bunch of the huskies and watch them pull a sled, so that was pretty awesome. After an hour or two, we returned to camp. My van practiced our skits for the upcoming talent show on Ishtar’s porch before and after dinner (hot dogs) to prepare.
Then, it was time for the show. Our first skit was the second one performed, and I had a great time with it. We pulled our orange sweatshirts on in a way that we were bent over with our heads in our hoods and our arms and legs in the arm holes; then, we just ran around onstage. It was pretty painful, but tons of fun. I fell over a few times and ran into a pole at least once. At one point, Seb and I crashed head to head; after that, I was on the ground for at least a few minutes. The second skit I was in was Blake’s balloon orca’s funeral after it was ‘killed’ (popped) under a duffel bag in a van. I was a mourner.
The third and last skit I was in was ‘Are You Smarter than a Seventh Grader?’. I was the contestant, Olivia was the game show host, Courtney was an over enthusiastic classmate who didn’t really do much, Natalie was the smart geek, Taylor and Alexandra ran offstage to basically strip at the end, and Seb was the foreigner who didn’t speak english. During the skit, we made fun of the stupid things people have said and done on the trip. In the end, I wasn’t smarter than a seventh grader and was kicked off the show. My favorite skits I watched were when Natalie and Nicole sang together, ‘Guess the Driver’, and when Seb translated English sentences into Dutch.
Overall, I had a great time today. The talent show was exceptionally fun. Even though I’m excited to go back to Palmer, I’ll miss Grizzly Bear Campgrounds when we leave tomorrow morning.