Derry Kramer – Day 18

Day 18 // 7/1

Derry Kramer

Today, everyone was woken up around 5:30 a.m. to get an early start on the day. For breakfast, we ate bagels that we had prepared yesterday in our vans, where we waited for everyone to be ready to leave. Once all of the vans were ready, we left for the docks, where we boarded a boat that would take us out all day on a whale watch. Everyone was really excited at the idea of seeing a whale!
Once we were on the boat, we left the docks. Within a few minutes, the captain talked to us over the PA system about the usual things such as safety, and where the lifejackets and lifeboats were stored. Around this time, most of our group headed up to the deck; those who didn’t were later ushered out of the cabin.
All through the whale-watching trip, we saw huge amounts of animals. Mostly, we saw birds: species like seagulls, common Murres, puffins, and even a few eaglets and sheerwaters. Over the course of the day, we followed these birds in order to find whales; many water birds eat the same food as the whales we were watching, so if the birds were near, we assumed whales would be too. Most of the time, these suspicions were correct and we found whales in just a few minutes. Humpback whales were another species we saw many of. In just one spot, we thought we witnessed seven whales come up! In other places, we saw one or two, or three at most; although I don’t remember the total number we saw, there were so many whales out! It was a pretty awesome trip, in all.
About halfway through our time on the boat, we at the lunch we packed yesterday, which was made up of juice, chips, and a sandwich. Afterwards, we listened to a speech about whaling; which, as interesting as it was, I fell asleep during it. Not too long after that, we turned back to return to shore. During this part of the trip, I fell asleep again, as did a few others. After an hour or two in the boat, we arrived back at the docks, where we waked back to the vans to return to Seaside Farms.
Back at camp, we held two meetings; during both or them, we discussed who would be fishing for pollock and cod tomorrow, and when. After that, we ate dinner: tacos. Because it’s Noah and Stuart’s birthdays today, we also had cupcakes. Now, a few others and I are sitting around the fire pit and talking or working. I’m excited for tomorrow, when we get to go fishing!

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