Joe Rockwell Day 13

Day 13

Joe Rockwell

Today was a great day! I got up early to get all of my stuff ready for the Kenai Fjords boat ride on Resurrection Bay, which was sure to be cold. After putting on countless layers along with hats and mittens, we went to wake up the participants, who were as happy about the time as you would think. We enjoyed a bowl of cereal with, and packed a sack lunch for the boat. We got a sandwich, cookies, chips, an apple, and a bottle of juice. When everyone was “awake” and ready to go, we made our way to the vans and set out for the docks.

We parked a few minutes from the docks and were provided a bus to the boat. The boat was very large and spacious, with a lot of great places to take pictures. On the boat we had four classes one about mammals, another on salinity, a third on plankton, along with one on Kenai fjord itself. The classes were very interesting, cool, and fun. If all classes were at a place like Resurrection bay, everyone would love going to school.

The boat ride was incredible, even after the classes were over. We saw killer whales, and one swam right next to the boat, which seemed to make everyone smile on such a rainy day. We saw tons of porous’, a few humpbacks, and even some stellar sea lions. We went to a rock that was absolutely covered in birds and sea lions, that had a camera on it that you can watch on television. After the boat docked again, we went back to the vans, and from there back to camp.

For dinner we had soup home made by Ishtar and the moose van, it was really good. We all cleaned our bowls and cups, chatted with friends, and got some well needed down time. Right now we are all playing Frisbee, reading, or hanging out with friends. I am excited to go hangout with the participants and then catch up on some reading. It has been a fantastic day!

By: Joe Rockwell

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