Joe Rockwell Day 22

Day 22

Joe Rockwell


Today was a good day! We started it off with some amazing breakfast burritos and orange juice prepared by the infamous Arctic fox van. After we all had full stomachs we ventured outside to play some games together. Many of us played crocodile, and some others played Frisbee mumball. During the festivities Ishtar came outside and announced that it was time to leave for the Anchorage Farmers Market. Everyone rushed to get to his or her vans and we sped off down the highway towards Anchorage.

After a very competitive game of padiddle, all of the vans arrived at Sam’s Club to do some quick grocery shopping and to have a little free time a the surrounding stores. Delaney, Asher, and I went to McDonalds to have a little ice cream and a few well needed fries. After returning to the vans we realized that the otter van had never made it to Sam’s. We called the van and they said that they had gotten lost and went to the farmers market. With everyone loaded up we went to meet up with the other van at the market.

Upon arrival at the market I was reminded of two years ago when I had come here as a participant. You could smell the aroma all of the fantastic food in the air. The atmosphere was loud and exciting and happy. Everyone seemed to be happy and having a blast including me. My group went around to all of the stands and met some amazing people from all over the world, and bought some fantastic items from their local farms. After getting balloon hats and food for the road, my group and I went back to the vans, ready to get back to the church.

When we arrived at the church we realized that the participants were very sluggish and tired. Delaney and I decide to organize a game of capture the flag with the junior leaders and participants. Most seemed to enjoy the game, but others split off to play their own games. After capture the flag many of us went to join the others in their games, such as soccer and Frisbee, while others went to journal. After what seemed like hours of fun, we all had a meeting with Ishtar and went to bed as a healthy and happy family.

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