Josh Kilbourn – Day 21

Joshua Kilbourn-Day 21
Happy 4th of July. To celebrate this great holiday, we drove to Palmer. Yay. We woke up slightly early so we could pack up. We were going to leave Seaside Farms and drive back to Palmer. After we took down our tents and were ready to roll out, we took a moment to say goodbye to Mossy and Seaside Farms. For some adults and junior leaders who have been to Seaside Farms, some tears were shed. Many, if not all, did not want to leave. Since this the last year, we could not come back as a group like this.
Along the way, we stopped by Captain Jack’s house to give him a journal. In that journal, we all wrote thank-you notes to thank him for letting us go fishing. We then hit the road and got prepared for the 7 hour van ride. We made several stops and I even saw several bald eagles, which was amazing. After what seemed like forever, we set up our tents and got settled back in the church.
A lot of us took some time to reflect on the last few days we went through, as we have had many of the most exciting activities lately. The time we have in Alaska is winding down. Just as a reminder, we leave Alaska July 8th and will arrive at the middle school parking lot on July 9th at 1:30 PM. Don’t worry parents, your kids are safe and you will soon be able to see them.

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