Josie Croce Interview

Interviewees: Mike and Linda

Place: Sea Life Center in Seward

Throughout this trip, I have not been too concerned about clothing, but when I spotted a man wearing a Michigan shirt, I immediately approached him. The Sea Life Center seemed like an interesting place for someone to be visiting all the way from Michigan, but Mike and Linda were just the people.
The pair was visiting Seward all the way from Parma, Michigan. They began their two-week long journey in Fairbanks, then plan on catching a ship in Seward to end up in Vancouver. Along the way, they have been touring and doing many things they have only dreamed of doing. Mike shared about their ride on a helicopter to a glacier, which was also his highlight of their trip. The glacier they stood on was about 600 feet deep and they were able to drink water right from the glacier. Bears, caribou, red fox, and Dahl’s sheep were among the many Alaskan animals that Mike and Linda had seen, but moose was by far their favorite.Mike commented that the people here were more generous than back home, and that they all had an extensive knowledge of the many things around them.
For 5 years, Mike and Linda had planned and saved to take this trip. Every week, they would put $20 in a jar, and they never missed a week. “We haven’t traveled in 5 years because we have been saving for this!” exclaimed Linda. Apparently, it was worth it because they both said Alaska is better than they expected and they are enjoying it. Mostly, Mike regrets going king crab fishing and going to Denali to see Mt. McKinley. At the end of our interview, Mike and Linda said the one thing they are sure of is coming back to Alaska to see the northern lights.
Josie Croce