Josie Croce

As my group was sampling bacon at a Sam’s Club in Anchorage, I came across a young employee, 21 year old, Kier. From the moment he struck up a conversation with me, I knew he would be the perfect candidate for me to interview.
Kier is an Alaskan native and lived here until age 5 when he moved to Las Vegas for 7 years. Kier prefers Alaska over Las Vegas because he enjoys the nature rather than the big cities. Kier remarked that the people in Las Vegas are more odd because Vegas is more popularized by media and the people want attention, rather than the people who go to Alaska who are there to experience the environment. Kier’s favorite thing to do in Alaska is going on hikes during the winter and summer because of the beautiful scenery and majestic views. Throughout the interview, it was clear that Kier had a passion for the natural elements in Alaska.
In addition to hiking, Kier enjoys going to the local gym with friends and playing video games. He has exotic tastes, including Vietnamese food and his favorite Vietnamese restaurant is Ray’s Place. While he has original tastes, Kier goes old school, listing his favorite snack as frozen yogurt. Kier was quick to tell us about his YouTube channel, fmchainsawteddy, where he enjoys posting video blogs, including a video where he attempts to drink 15 juice boxes in 15 minutes.
By Josie Croce