Mackenzie Horn Day-10

Day 10

Trails and Talents

We woke up this morning to a breakfast of omelets! Yum! They weren’t cooked like usual either, the adults had their own unique way of cooking them. I was surprised that it actually worked and tasted good as well. We all ate and got ready for a tri-lake trail.


The tri-lake trail was long and hard, because everyone was still in pain from the 10K or just tired. We stopped at the first lake and were in complete solitude, away from any roads or buildings, and no noises whatsoever. There was a duck diving for food in the first lake, and saw a beaver lodge but no beaver. The second lake was farther down, and we couldn’t go down to the water because a group got last a while ago. Mark Gilbert was my groups guide through the trail and he knew everything. He could describe what plant it was and where it came from, just everything about anything. We saw trees that had been gnawed on by beavers, and some trees that the beavers left behind on the hillside. The third and final lake was a perfect blue and was free of most of the mosquitoes. I could’ve stayed there forever, but Mark only allowed us about 5 minutes. We were on a strict schedule, and had to be back to the campground before three.


My group made it back in time for lunch, and it was “help yourself” sandwiches. The next two groups returned shortly after us, but the fourth and final group was behind schedule. We had to pick them up on the side of the trail, and they had lunch in the vans. We were on our way to Denali National Park Dog Kennels! We made it just on time, and took a short ride to the kennels from the Visitor’s Center. The dogs were all very friendly and adorable, and also very social. We got pet and play with the dogs, and we also got to see a demo of the dogs doing their jobs on a summer-sled. They ran around a track once and then we got to take more pictures on the sled and with the dogs. We went back to visit the museum and the gift shop. Ishtar took some great pictures of Ariana, Taylor, and I for Facebook and then we headed back to Grizzly Bear.


My van got back first because we had to make dinner. We had hotdogs, baked beans, chips, potato salad, and pickle spears. We all had eaten and got ready for the final AGLP talent show on the porch. The porch was in front of the campground office and the acts were amazing. Some of the performances were a Dutch lesson from Seb Loonen, and a song from Stan and Ishtar. The talent show was so funny, and I definitely will never forget it. Soon, it was time for bed and we all were pretty pooped. I fell asleep as soon as I hit my pillow.


Alaska still ceases to amaze me, and it’s so much to take in, even in the time we’re here.


By: Mackenzie Horn