Mackenzie Horn Day 12

Day 12


Drive to Seward

            The day started off great! It was one of the first nights that I was actually warm. We slept in the church because we were only here for one day and it would’ve been a waste to set up the tents. I was in a deep slumber when Asher woke me up early for breakfast, which my van had to make. (Ugh!) Breakfast was bagels with all the fixings and either orange juice or milk to drink. I watched as the junior leaders woke everyone up. They turned the lights on and blasted the song “Happy”, as they clapped along with it (as though they thought it was in fact the truth). Everyone was dazed as they went through the breakfast line, and not very “happy” with their, shall we say, rude awakening.

After breakfast was served, we all packed up our sleeping bags and cleaned the church from top to bottom. I vacuumed two rooms, cleared out the trash, and then had to load all of my stuff into the van. Stan shoved the coolers inside and then we piled our bags on top. Everything was almost ready to go but we still had some time to waste. We played a game that’s kind of like Simon Says, but not Simon Says, it’s just a little different. We were just about to start our fourth round when Ishtar yelled, “Load Up!” We took a quick stop for gas and we were on our way to Seward.

We made a stop at a Sam’s Club to get van snacks and some food for the trip. Delaney and I got Goldfish and some popcorn for our van. Our next tourist stop was a bridge that separated salt water from fresh water. On one side there was the Pacific Ocean and on the other side was McHugh Creek. The trails went right up to the creek and we all got some great pictures! We left soon after though, because of the cold and rain. Next stop was a bakery called The Bake Shop. We got all you can eat soup and bread, which was amazing. There were so many people there and we all had to cram inside the little shop. The soup choices were Beef Barley or Lentil, and I chose Beef Barley. It was so filling, I only needed one bowl. We all finished and went around to the shops that were around the bakeshop; we stopped at a jade shop and an art gallery. Next stop Seward!

By: Mackenzie Horn

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