Mackenzie Horn Day 15

Day 15

Mackenzie Horn

            Today was a GREAT day. I woke up to a bright, sunny morning and a view of an alpine glacier surrounded by mountains. We’ve gotten to see this view for some time now, but this morning it was just beautiful. I can’t even explain the feeling; the sun-relenting beauty of Alaska is totally unreal. For breakfast, it was pancakes and sausage. They were super good, but not really filling at all. Everyone wanted some more but breakfast was over.


After breakfast, all of us traveled to Bear Lake Salmon Weir and caught some salmon. The salmon would swim upstream and then get caught in an elevator- type thingy that let the people capture them more efficiently. Now I know how to tell if a salmon is a boy or a girl, and I can say I kissed a salmon. It was really slimy, but the picture made it totally worth the slime! People were also trying to catch the salmon bare- handed in the stream, but they were facing the wrong way. They were super close to catching them, but the salmon were too fast.


We left and headed to the shores of Seward, which were more beautiful then any view I’ve ever seen. We were writing our Alaska is… writing piece before we had to go to the Alaska Sea-life Center. We all finished and went downtown for some shopping and some snacks, because we decided not to have lunch. I had some gelato and then it was time for the Sea- Life Center.


At the Sea- Life Center, we saw steller sea lion, puffin and other sea birds, sea anemones, sea cucumber, harbor and spotted seals, and some sea urchins. It was right up close, and there were places were you could touch them. I got to touch the sea anemone, sea cucumber, and the sea urchin. The sea anemone stuck to your fingers! We had an hour to walk around and watch the sea-life before we had a class about POOP. We watched a video of sea lions fighting and then got to analyze sea lion poop samples. We had to separate all of the hard stuff from the hair that was leftover. It was actually interesting! The class ended and everyone ran to the vans because they were starving.


We had salmon and salad for dinner, and everyone had seconds. This was the best dinner/ meal we’ve had all trip. We cleaned up dinner, and relaxed until it was time for bed. We leave for Homer tomorrow and I’m excited to experience the last destination of this amazing trip.