Mackenzie Horn Day 17

Day 17

Tide Pooling with Conrad
The day started early because the rooster at Seaside Farms starts to crow at/around 4:30 in the morning. Not being able to go back to sleep, I ended up staying awake. The junior leaders woke us all up and we had a simple breakfast of cereal and or oatmeal (their was also donuts for early risers).

My van (Puffin Van) left first to drop off Lyle Dew at the Homer Airport. He was heading to Iceland first for a layover, then to Amsterdam for some time to study abroad. He got out and we all gave him hugs goodbye. It was a quick, but sad goodbye. Puffin Van won’t be the same without him.

Next, was tide pooling with Conrad, Carmen, and Eryn. We found sea stars everywhere! Its tradition to kiss the first sea star you find, and everyone found one. We also found jellyfish, crabs, barnacles, shrimp, sea urchins, and many other invertebrates of the sea. EJ had everyone give her his or her sea stars, so she could beat the record from years before. She ended up with 18, but that wasn’t even close.

We left there to go do some laundry and take showers. I got done with my laundry, and it was finally my turn to shower. I really needed that shower, and it was only $6.50 for 30 minutes. It was the longest and warmest shower I’ve had all trip!

When we got back to the farm, Anneke and I decided to interview Mossy (the lady who owns Seaside Farms). It was an hour- long chat, but she never lost our interest. She had views and opinions that kind of changed my view on how I lead my own life. Did you know she’s the aunt of country singer Jewel? My favorite part of the interview was when Mossy started eating this plant that was near her, and then Anneke and I tried it too. It was surprisingly good; I just have no idea what it was though.

Our interview with Mossy went on for so long that we almost missed dinner. We made it back in time to have one helping of some foil dinners and salad. It was the slowest cooked dinner and we all were starving. We finished dinner and packed our breakfasts and lunches for tomorrow. We have to get up early and go WHALE WATCHING!