Mike Sitar Day-10

Day 10

Mike Sitar


The soreness of my body has yet to go away. Getting to breakfast was an adventure itself. I was unable to see anything because of fatigue but I could smell something. Breakfast. I followed my nose to find out what it was. I was delighted with our newest dish, breakfast burritos. They were made by us taking a bag, writing our name on it, filling it with an egg and extras, then boiled for about ten minutes. The end product was scrumptious. It wasn’t one of my best mornings but the food made up for it.

Once I had finished my breakfast we were told to prepare for todays hike on the triple lakes trail and to pack as lightly as possible. All I packed was a sweatshirt, rain jacket, and some Nutrigrain bars if anyone got hungry. We then got split into four groups; I had Joe as my “tour guide”. Triple lake trail was not as hard as climbing Mt. Healy but, more difficult than Oxbow Trail. The worst part was the beginning because of the incline and how sore I was from the 10k. The best part were the beautiful views from the cliffs above the lake.

The day ended with watching a group of dogs’ mush and a AGLP talent show. I really liked going to see the dogs mush because before and after their short run we got to pet and hang out with the dogs. At 8:30pm we had our talent show. It had multiple acts that were barely practiced and put a smile on everyone’s face. My van sang and danced for the talent show. Even though it was awfully sung, it was a great way to end the day.

By: Mike Sitar

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