Mike Sitar Day 12

Mike Sitar

Day 12

            Last night was one of my best nights. We got to sleep in the church for the first time and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it. I felt warm, cozy, and at home. When I was woken up by my special alarm (the junior leaders), I was full of energy and ready to start the day. After getting my breakfast I also noticed something tremendous. I wasn’t sore from the Midnight Sun Run anymore! That was the real thing that put a skip in my step.

When the church was cleaned we went to Sam’s Club for van snacks and food to make our daily meals. I bought fruit snacks and chocolate almonds for my van. Then we went to an array of waterfalls and awesome trails. These were awesome because they were more rugged than most of the “touristy trails,” there was even a trail that had you go up a 5-10 foot cliff. Afterwards we all went to a wonderful bakery that let us have unlimited soup.

We had a small adventure after lunch because while driving the “Moose Nugget” got a flat. Because my driver (Steve Washburn) is a man of many talents, Eagle van had to stop and help. After around an hour of playing games in the car and telling each other stories about home, the Moose Nugget had to be left behind. There was an hour left of driving and we picked up another passenger named Doug who used to drive the Moose Nugget. This was the best part of my day because Steve blasted the “Bohemian Rhapsody” by queen and we all sang along. It was a good moment and way to end the day because I felt like I finally really knew everyone in my van.

                                                                                  By: Mike Sitar

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