Mike Sitar – Day 17

Mike Sitar – Day 17 I woke up with glazed eyes and a stomach ready to be filled. Breakfast was simple, cereal and bagels. Getting ready for the day was rushed because everyone had to get their normal clothes, shower stuff/toiletries, and laundry. By nine-thirty we had left camp and went to the docks to meet marine biologist, Conrad Field. The docks were a fascinating jungle of boats and structures that allow the dock to rise with the tide, not sinking the boats. On the sides of the dock, an ecosystem of marine organisms thrived. After Conrad had given us his speech of the dock wildlife, he released us to go and explore. Everyone was a little hesitant at first but warmed up once some of the junior leaders started grabbing sea stars and sea urchins. The first sea star that I was able to find and capture by myself was on a pole by the end of the dock. As tradition I had to kiss the first sea star I found, and trust me, sea stars are not much of a kisser unless you like lips that are rough and salty. After the docks, we had went to the beach and looked for sea stars near the shore. We found multiple and returned all of them back to where they came from. I then talked to some of the fishermen and told them about our trip. I even got a cool video of the man I was talking to catch two cod with one line. The end to our day was a relaxing stop at the laundry mat and showers.