Natalie Wilson – Day 12

Day 12

Natalie Wilson

I woke to the song “Happy” being blasted through the church by the junior leaders. I groggily got up and ate a bagel, got changed, and packed up my sleeping bag. While waiting for the drivers to be ready, we played a game in which one person was leading the others in a motion, and another person had to figure out who was leading the group. It was very fun, and it kind of seemed like a cult, because we were sitting in a circle clapping and slapping the ground.
After about an hour in the van, we took an hour-long break for the food committee to buy food from Sam’s Club. The rest of my van went to Michael’s to buy stuff for the next talent show. Then, we went to Petco to get some love and affection from animals. We got to hold ferrets, pet dogs, and stare at reptiles. Courtney interviewed a man who was interested in buying a blood python that bit one of the Petco workers. Then, we went to Sam’s Club and got samples of cupcakes, Mentos, and beef jerky.
Half an hour later, we arrived at McHugh Creek. It was really beautiful, and some people climbed over the slippery rocks along the water, but it was too slippery for me. There was a rhyming story about the water cycle, and some information about eagles and the creek, along with stuff about why part of the path is calm. I can’t wait until we get to Seward!

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