Natalie Wilson Day 16

Day 16

Natalie Wilson


Today, I woke up on time and took some of my stuff to my van. Then, I had a delicious breakfast of cereal and donuts. During breakfast, I opened the bag of cereal wrong and spilled all over, creating a food emergency. After that was cleaned up, I packed my sleeping bag and the tent.

At the group meeting before we left, Ishtar stated that he wanted to trade someone from his van for Anneke, so I volunteered and moved my stuff to the Puffin Van. Once I arrived there, I realized that they were very different from the Moose Van: they were constantly changing seats, there was no trash bag, and they were a lot more energetic.

We took a rest stop after about two hours of driving, and some people had a conversation with a couple from Australia who were taking a three-month vacation to fish in Alaska. After talking to them, we hit the road again, and had a lunch break in Soldotna a few hours later.

We finally got to Homer, and the Puffin Van played “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers, a Scottish folk band for ten minutes before we got to Seaside Farms. The first thing that we did when we got there was to run to a field and play “Ring Around the Rosy.” Then we set up tents, had dinner, and explored the beach, where we found shells and a dead otter. Then, we just had free time and went to bed.

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