Natalie Wilson Day 21

Day 21


Natalie Wilson


I woke up today to patriotic songs being blasted through the campground. After a breakfast of a blueberry bagel, I took my tent down. Ishtar bought his van two chocolate breads from Two Sisters Bakery to split, and we enjoyed that. As we got ready to leave Seaside Farms, Mossy came to say goodbye, and quite a few tears were shed when we took a group picture and then individual pictures. Nicole and I went up to her and, because we knew she loved folksongs, sang her a Ukrainian folksong. After promising to return to Seaside Farms, we loaded into the vans to begin our long drive to Palmer.

However, before leaving Homer, we stopped at Captain Jack Montgomery’s house. He helped with Rainbow Tours, the company that did our whale watch. Everyone who went fishing on Wednesday wrote him a message in a notebook about how their trip was, and we gave him the book.

After we left his house, we drove along for a few hours, and then stopped for lunch. Some people got sandwiches, others got free hot dogs from outside a store nearby, and others got McDonalds. After that, we stopped at a gas station to refuel the vans after refueling our bodies. Then, we went to a rest stop to use the bathroom and stretch our legs.

We took a little break at a lake to take pictures and pass out blank fish-shaped papers to write messages to people. Then, we took another break at Chugach National Forest to look around the visitor center and use the restroom. About half an hour from Palmer, someone in my van had to use the restroom, but we couldn’t find one, so we drove to the side of the road so they could use the trees. When they were done, we drove to a turnaround area fifty yards away, and there was a restroom right there! We laughed and got back on the road to Palmer.

Once we got to the church in Palmer, we set up tents, called home, and ate a lot of pizza. After hug time, we went to bed. As I was trying to fall asleep, though, I had a large nosebleed! We got Delaney, and she helped me clean up my face. Then, I went to sleep.