Natalie Wilson – Day 6

Day 6

Natalie Wilson

This morning, I woke up to rain drumming on my tent. After a rushed breakfast of cereal and milk, we took down the tents, and it finally stopped raining after the tents we all down. Then, since we were all ahead of schedule, we went for a hike on a trail near the campground.
The hike was really beautiful, with lots of plants, and the trail was right next to the Nenana River. We didn’t see any moose or animals, though, because some people were being loud on the trail. There was a large drop-off toward the end of the path, which was frightening. The path circled around at one point, and we looped around for a second trip on accident.
When we got back to the camp, we had a quick sandwich lunch and hit the road. After a few dozen miles, there was some construction for a few miles, with lots of rough roads and traffic. We finally made it to Fairbanks, though, and it started to rain just as we got to the campground.
To avoid setting up tents in the rain, my van went to Sam’s Club to buy tonight’s dinner: hamburgers and potato salad. It was my day to help cook, so after getting our supplies, I started rolling burgers in the food tent, then got the lemonade ready. It stopped raining, so while we were cooking, others set up the tents.
After dinner, we were supposed to have a meeting in the parking lot with our journals, but it started to rain again, so the meeting was canceled. Everyone spent their extra time getting ready for tomorrow or enjoying the free showers. It’s almost the end of our first week, and everyone is still excited to be in Alaska.

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