Nicole Wilson Interview 14/6/2014


While waiting for our plane to Alaska in the Chicago O’hare airport, I sat across from Marie. She grew up in Wasilla, Alaska, and loves Cajun food. She was at the airport to go home to Alaska after visiting her nephew, who just graduated from high school. Her nephew will be going to the University of Colorado in the fall.
Marie was traveling with her son, Ravi, who will be in first grade in the fall. One of the teachers at his school is actually one of Mr. Rosene’s daughters! I guess it’s a small world. Both Marie’s father-in-law and mother are identical twins, like me.
While in Lawrence, Michigan, they found a new friend. They were at a garage sale and saw a baby chihuahua named Tito Rivera! Marie instantly knew that she had to have him, so she talked to his owners. She told them that they would pay any price for him. The owners talked for a while, and when they were done, one of the owners ran her hands over Tito, blessed him in Spanish, and gave him to Marie. Marie didn’t tell her husband about Tito for three days after she got him. When she was done telling me about herself, it was time to get on the plane, so we said goodbye.

By: Nicole Wilson

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