Nicole Wilson Interview

Interviewee: Tom Peterson

Place:Dog Sled Demo

While I was waiting for the dog sled demo to begin, I was petting some of the dogs. When I got to an orange, happy looking dog named Red Top, someone else was already petting him. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman, and an interview followed. The man was named Tom Peterson, and he was visiting Alaska from Madison, Wisconsin. He had come to Alaska for a half-marathon that happened around the time of the Midnight Sun Run we had attended. After that he went to Denali National Park and Preserve to go on a bus tour. While on the bus tour, he heard about the dog sled demo. I asked Tom if he like dogs, and he responded, “Oh, yes, I am an avid dog lover.” His favorite breed of dog is a Beagle. He has a dog and a cat, and his sister has a Siberian Husky. His dog is a 7 and a half year old Beagle-springer mix, and was given to him by a coworker. It was the runt of the litter, but is now the biggest. Sadly, the rangers announced that the demo was starting soon, so we had to stop our interview and say goodbye.

By: Nicole Wilson

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