In an attempt to simplify the use of this year's website, we have provided basic descriptions of each part of the site below.

Trip History

This article briefly outlines the history of the Alaska Great Lakes Project.

Trip Structure

This page outlines the five basic groups of travellers. This is intended for travellers and parents alike who are new to the trip. This helps with some terminology that may appear in some of the articles present in the Daily Reports part of the website.


The trip is broken into committees, each of which have certain jobs. Many of these report to the web committee, which put their content online for people like you to read. This page outlines members of these committees.

Daily Reports

The Daily Reports part of the website is where we relay information about our current activities while on the trip. We try to provide at least two articles every day, as well as other pertinent information such as the weather and our geographical location.

This section is broken up into several pages. There is one page for each day of the trip.

Daily Pictures

This section also includes a page for each day. On these pages are pictures of our activities for that day.

Daily Videos and Podcasts

Every day, the video and podcast committees produce their respective media, which is then put on the website. This section includes a page for each day, containing these various media pieces.


The interview committee interviews many people while in Alaska. This section is where those interviews get published.

Alaska Is/Final Reflections

This part of the website is broken up into several pages. Each person with the trip has a page in here. On these pages, people will write what they feel Alaska is about halfway through the trip. At the end of the trip, travellers will also write what they have thought of Alaska throughout the trip.


This section outlines the planned activities day-by-day. Of course, these may vary a little bit, but any deviations can be found by reading the daily reports.

Important Dates

This is where we list important dates and events such as fundraisers and meetings. We also list drop off and pick up times for travellers.

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