Alexandra Egnatuk – Day 23

Day 23

Alexandra Egnatuk

This morning I woke up to all of the junior leaders trying to sound like wolves. I sat up and grabbed my bowl and spoon because breakfast was cereal and milk. I got in line and about five minutes later I had poured milk and Apple Jacks into my bowl. I walked back into the room where we slept, sat down on my sleeping bag, and started eating my food. When I was finished washing my dishes I changed my clothes, brushed my hair, and brushed my teeth.
The whole time it was raining outside so we couldn’t go to Emily and Clint’s house. Instead Ishtar told us that we would be writing in our journals and if the rain stopped then we would go to their house later. After writing for about an hour we piled into the vans and drove first to Walmart then to the Iditarod Headquarters. When we pulled into the parking space at the headquarters I hopped out and went over to the dogs. We were able to pet some of the dogs but a few were not comfortable with lots of people petting them.
Eventually the group made its way over to the puppy pen. There were three puppies. One of the puppies was white and the other two were tan and brown. For about ten minutes the white puppy was fine with being held. After that, he wanted to be set down so, he went back in the pen. The other two puppies loved all of the attention and put up with it for about thirty minutes. When Courtney was holding one of the puppies, he buried his head in her hair and started chewing on it. Just as we were putting the puppies back in the pen Ishtar called,”Load up”.
We got back in the vans and drove to a park where there was a pavilion and a really big field. As soon as everybody was under the pavilion we all ran out to the field and started a big game of soccer. Even though it was raining, we had a lot of fun and played for about an hour before the food was ready. For lunch we had burgers, watermelon, potato salad, chips, and pop. After lunch I went back to my van to change my socks then I walked down to the lake with Mackenzie.
When it was time to leave we went to the bathroom. Then we drove to Emily and Clint’s house because it had stopped raining. Their house is very big, nice, and amazing; I had fun following Boone around his house and telling us what everything was. The whole day was very fun and I’m glad we still did everything despite the weather.