Asher Wertheimer Interview

Interviewee: Ranger Cassie Branston
Place: Sled Dog Demo
The Iditarod. A wonderfully gruesome race, where people go over rough Alaskan terrain. The wonderful creatures who get them there get a lot of publicity, but what happens after winter ends? Who takes care of sled dogs during the summer? Ranger Cassie Branston does. Is an Interpretive Ranger for the United States Park Service. She does community outreach, dog shows. To paraphrase, she gets paid to make people care. Ranger Branston has been in Alaska for 5 years now. At first she did an internship with the International Student Conservation Association, then went full blown Ranger. So, what does she do for the dogs? What Cassie does is walks one of the dogs in the summer, making sure that dog gets good exercise, diet and so on. However, when winter comes, Cassie is not needed, because all dogs get plenty of exercise. I learned plenty from Cassie, like some Rangers live in park housing, some in private, and plenty on running dogs. As I looked about, I saw my group leaving and said goodbye, writing down the word APPLY under my interview.
Asher Wertheimer

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