Courtney Cavinder Interview

Interviewee: Sophie and Bella

Place: Seward

Sitting by myself at a table, I was downloading my photos and biding my time until I could find someone interesting to speak with. I was not expecting for my interviewee to walk up to me and begin an interview of her own.


I had my journal for Alaska sitting on the table. It’s cute. It is pink with black and white polka dots and the initial “C”. Having bought it at Justice, it is not too surprising that it caught the eye of an eleven year old at the next table. As they were leaving the restaurant, I was approached by Ms. Bella and her younger sister Sophie. They complimented me on my cute journal. Sophie saw the “C” and asked, “What’s your name?”. I told her, “My name is Courtney. What’s your name?”. She happily share that she was Sophie. She was absolutely delighted when I told her that my dog is named Sophia, but we also call her Sophia. She was even more excited, “ME TOO!”.   Then I asked her sister, what her name was. She replied, “My name is Bella”. She was tickled that my daughter’s best friend’s name was also Bella.


They had traveled all the way from Nevada! Both of the girls had journals of their own where they kept track of all of their adventures. Before they came to Alaska, they were camping in Utah. Here in Alaska, they are staying at a hotel and are very happy to not be camping here. Yesterday they went fishing. Sophie caught rockfish and a halibut. Bella caught a salmon! They are so excited to eat the fish they caught soon. Tomorrow they will be going out on a boat to see the glaciers. They are really excited to go to the Iditaride on Sunday. I might see them there! It is a company ran by the Seavey family that offers to teach people about mushing. The Seavey family has a very strong history of winning the Iditarod. They are going to have an amazing time learning all about mushing and from people that have had a lot of success in the field.

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