Derry Kramer

Day 16

Derry Kramer

            Today, we were woken to a breakfast of cereal and donuts. Immediately after, everyone packed up the tents and we set out on the road to Homer, Alaska. It was a strange van ride, though, due to the fact that our van switched out Olivia, Courtney, and Natalie for Bob, Carol, and Anneke. It was still a pretty fun ride, though.

Our first stop was a quick one, at a campground for a bathroom break. The second stop was a lunch break, where the Moose Van served chips and sandwiches to those who wanted them; others ate at a nearby McDonald’s in the hour we were given. Personally, a few others and I ate the lunch we were given, walked across the street to a Starbucks, and then waited out the rest of our time in McDonald’s.

Our third and last stop was at a Russian church, a beautiful place to take pictures and look around. We saw a ton of flowers, and even a few bald eagles. After that stop, we drove the rest of the way to Homer. Soon, we had arrived at the city; we stopped a little ways out of town to take pictures and then drove to Seaside Farms. Seaside Farms is a beautiful farm above the water owned by a woman named Mossy. After everyone arrived, we played Ring Around the Rosy in a huge group and then set up tents. A little while after this, the junior leaders took us down to the beach for the first time. It was incredibly beautiful, though it was very rocky with minimal sand except for a strip near the water.

Now, a few of us are sitting near a campfire (with Mossy’s permission) and talking or working. Soon, we’ll be going to sleep in preparation for tomorrow, when we’ll be tide pooling and doing laundry afterwards. I’m looking forward for what tomorrow will bring!

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