Mackenzie Horn Day 3

Mackenzie Horn

AGLP 2014 (Day 3)

Thinking About Tomorrow

This morning was a doozy! I woke up early and could not go back to sleep. I got my sleeping bag and everything around, and then was promptly told to go back to sleep. Well, I couldn’t now! (Haha!) My whole tent ended up waking up, and we just chatted for about an hour or so. We honestly were quite loud and just talking about random things. Soon enough though, the junior leaders ran through the tents yelling, “ The Beaters are coming!” repeatedly. Everyone woke up and some people were very grumpy from lack of sleep.

For breakfast, there was French toast and sausage with a hearty glass of 2% milk to drink. It was a quick breakfast, and surprisingly it tasted good. We changed into our clothes and brushed our teeth. The tent was packed up and soon we loaded the vans with all of our things, and we we’re all ready to go to Talkeetna! My van rocks out to Journey and the Beatles, and we all sing along (even Stan the man who drives our van). We need something unique about our van though. Other vans have matching shirts, or bandanas, or something like that. According to Anneke, we should all have matching dreadlocks, but not everyone agrees with that.


The village of Talkeetna was marvelous! We had a lunch of sandwiches, chips, and some juice boxes. There were many shops and food places, and we stopped at every single one of them. There was Mountain High Pizza Pie, and Wake and Shake (a milkshake and ice-cream shop). We walked around looking for souvenirs for family members and anything that was worth the money, and we took some funny pictures. A lot of us ended up sending our family and friends postcards, and we sent them off right there in the Talkeetna Post Office. A fun fact about Talkeetna is that the mayor is a cat! We did not find/see the mayor, but we did meet the town stray named Stubbs. Stubbs had no tail, and was a raggedy, old cat that was roaming around the town outside the food places. It was soon time to go and head on our way to Denali. Before we left Talkeetna, we saw some eagles flying in the sky and then we were off.


I swear Anneke is trying to turn our van into a hippie van! We have dandelion streamer- type things all over our van. We now have our van mascot (a stuffed- animal Puffin) and a sweet sticker on the side of our van that says “ No Puffin”. The sticker features a smoking Puffin bird and a caution sign, which pretty much makes up our hippie van as of now. We took a quick stop at Hurricane Gulch before we got Denali. It was beautiful! There were some great views of the mountains and many mosquitoes. When taking pictures, the picture- taker and or cameraman had to go quickly before the mosquitoes entered our mouths. Ewwwwwww!! We got back on the road after an hour of picture taking, and then my van decided to dig in to our snacks. We ate half the bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips! They are so good, once you start you just can’t stop. We colored in mandalas and listened to everyone’s mix tapes. Of course, our new little family had to take a picture, so we all huddled together in the van and captured the moment!


We entered Grizzly Bear campground and it started to RAIN! We got out of the vans and put on our raincoats. My whole van had to go to the bathroom, so there was a train of people all the way there (Delaney led the way). The Puffin van had dinner duty and we were having pulled pork or hotdogs, cole slaw or potato salad, veggies, and lemonade. Anneke, Josie, and I were on stirring duty. We made the lemonade and cooked the pulled pork. Dinner was ready soon, and we served everyone. We ate afterwards, and then had to wash our dishes. The dishwater is always burning HOT! It takes a while to wash your dishes because you can’t really put your hands in the water because it burns you.


The day is winding down and is coming to an end. I just can’t stop thinking about tomorrow. We are climbing Mt. Healy. I can’t wait! Alaska here I come!

Mackenzie Horn