Mike Sitar Day 24

Day 24


Mike Sitar

This, sadly, is my last journalism entry. For my final “full” day I woke up to Stewart shaking me awake. I then got a really good breakfast, biscuits and gravy. Then I went to the bathroom to change into my clothing for the day. Finishing off my morning with going to my van and packing my backpack. Once I got in the van all these things felt like a habit, almost as if my muscles knew what they were doing before I told them to. I wonder what mornings at home will be like now.

The drive to Hatchers Pass took about half an hour but the views made it feel like seconds. The first thing we did once we made it to Hatchers Pass was go to a lake with a snow covered mountain behind it. We swam in the lake but only for a few second because of how cold it was and slid down a few times because the way up was pretty hard. After about two hours we went to the next part of Hatchers pass. We went on a hike that took me to my favorite view of the trip. It was a snow fed lake that was crystal clear. It was like a dream or I was looking at a magazine of Alaska. After having my breath taken away everyone went and had hot dogs for lunch.

Once lunch was over the participants were given an hour to explore a nearby gold mine. There was a mile long trail around and through the mine that I took. We finished off Hatchers pass with dunking our heads in a river that ran through the valley. A few hours later we went swimming at the palmer pool and we played a great game of water polo as a group. The day ended with the eagle van family getting to sing a song in their van for the last time.