Derry Kramer – Day 3

Day 3

Derry Kramer
First ride in the Moose Van? One word: awesome. We have Ishtar and Courtney as drivers, Olivia and Seb as junior leaders, and Natalie, Alexandra, and Taylor are the other participants. All day in the van, we’ve been cracking jokes, singing along (horribly) to the radio, and just having an awesome time.
First of all, we got to know each other with the van profiling activity; some of the things I found out were pretty cool. Almost all of us have been competitive swimmers at some point, and I’m the only one who hasn’t rode on a train. Also, we all had some pretty embarrassing stories to tell. First, Courtney told us about the time there was a warrant out for her arrest; she got a ticket for rear ending another driver, and she didn’t realize when she has to pay it by. Natalie’s story was about the time she suffocated her sister with a couch cushion. Mine? I told them about the day I tried to ride my sister like a horse and she bucked me off; needless to say, I lost both of my front teeth to that.
Later, we turned on the radio to Alaska’s limited variety of stations and songs. “Happy” played four or five times, and “All of Me” played a bunch too. Natalie sang “All of Me” to me; or, rather, at me. Ishtar even sang along to “Best Day of My Life”. Alexandra complained later that her ears hurt from Olivia’s singing. Later on, Seb and Natalie squished me between their shoulders when they were ‘dancing’.
Seb told us about the shirtless German guy who gave him and a few others life advice: ‘stay in school’, ‘go to college’, and more of the same idea. Ishtar pointed out Mount Denali (or, the space where it should have been), which wasn’t visible today. I also found out that Natalie is afraid of bridges and heights in general, but she went out on a cliff above a huge valley regardless of her fear. Overall, I had a great time during the van ride today, and I’m looking forward to the rides we’re going to in the next few weeks as well.