Josh Kilbourn – Day 3

Day 3

Joshua Kilbourn
On the way there, we stopped in the very small town of Talkeetna. There, we were able to buy souvenirs and check out their attractions. There, we saw moose signs, moose pictures, moose toys, moose decorations… I think you get the idea. There were a lot of moose. I thought it was a very nice town and I was able to see many interesting things.
There were many cool things to see on the way to the park. I was able to capture some great pictures of mountains, Hurricane Gulch, and some of the native wildlife. The musk ox van and I ate our regular snack of gummy bears, pretzels, and Goldfish. In fact, I’m eating gummy bears as I’m writing this. I think our van might have a gummy bear addiction.
In Denali National Park, we have set up our tents, which was much harder, because the ground was much like gravel. My fingers are sore from driving those stubborn stakes into the ground. We also had a dinner of hot dogs, and I feel that we are settling in nice. I know this might sound repetitive, but the scenery is just spectacular. Everywhere I look, I am just in awe. No wonder this is called the Last Frontier.