Korrine Winnie Interview

Interviewee: Marlin & Donna

Place: Grizzley Bear Campground

When we arrived at Grizzly Bear Campgrounds, I was walking around and happened to notice a van from California. I looked to see an older couple enjoying some books and the wonderful nature. I walked toward them, introduced myself, and the interesting conversation took off from there!

While talking to Marlin and Donna they told me they were indeed from California, and they’ve driven up to Alaska just to see it! “It’s been on our bucket list for years!” I then learned from Donna. They then exclaimed that they both have the time and are both retired, so what better place to come than Alaska!

It’s now going on their fourth week traveling around Alaska. They seem to have little to no desire to go back home. “I guess we will just go home when we feel like it.” Donna talked about how beautiful Alaska is.

Marlin, being an Eagle Scout, loves eagles, and really wanted to see a bald eagle. On their way up, in Petersburg, Marlin saw around sixty eagles on the beach! “He was ecstatic,” Donna told us, “They were everywhere!”

One thing Donna wanted to see, coming to Alaska, was a moose. While she was at the bookstore, looking around, she looked over and spotted a moose! She then told Marlin to take lots of pictures and he even showed us pictures of the calf on his phone.

Donna asked if we were all seniors, and was shocked when we told her we were only going into 9th grade. “You’re all so mature!” Donna told us. After that Marlin began to tell us a story about maturity.

When Marlin ran into a 5th grade teacher, he learned that the teacher had brought some adults and five 5th graders, four boys, and one girl, to all climb Mt. Whitney. “On the first day, the boys were crybabies,” Marlin continued, “We’d get them to finally cross a creek, then they’d lose a shoe!” He then told us that by the third day, the kids, again only 5th graders, had grown up. “They’d get to the campground before I did and already have their tents up, bags out, and fishing poles out. “I mean they were set, it was amazing!” That then made me realize how this could really impact all of our lives.

“Alaska is unique,” explained Donna, “and it’s exciting, seeing what you’re doing.” They then again reminded us about how they appreciate what were doing and coming to talk with them. “Tell your leader thumbs up!” They agreed. My conversation with Marlin and Donna made a big impact about my feelings with the trip and everyone here. They both opened up my eyes and made me realize what’s in front of me, and I couldn’t thank them enough for that.


By: Korinne Winnie, Taylor Horn

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