Mackenzie Horn Day 18

Day 18

Whale Watching
We got up at 5 AM! Super- duper early… I didn’t want to get up out of my sleeping bag. I turned over and saw the scenic view that Seaside Farms has to offer and finally decided I should probably get up. I got many layers on and then we were off and ready to watch some whales. We pulled up to the docks and everyone ran to the bathroom before we got on the boat. I was so glad that I got to use an actual bathroom, because the outhouses are not working for me. They stink and have giant windows on them, which is cool so you can call it “The Loo with the View”, but not when you actually are using the loo and people stare at you. After using the bathroom, we got onto the boat and were off for about 12 hours.

The first thing we saw was a pod of whales that were 50 feet out from the boat. I couldn’t get many pictures of the first few whales because all of the tall people were taking pictures and blocking my view. The whales were gone and everyone was getting chilly. Olivia, Taylor, Alexandra, Ariana, and I all huddled into a pile to keep warm and we dozed for a while. We woke up and ate lunch, which was the same old sandwiches, and then were back out on the bough of the ship looking for any signs of whales.

We passed a group of otters and a lot of sea birds, but my camera wasn’t working and I didn’t get a picture. I got some pictures of whales though, but every time I got a picture, I’d miss the fluke. Two whales breached! It was awesome, but I’m not sure if anyone captured the moment. The boat ride was almost over and the sun came out. It was so nice to feel warm that a group of us lay down on the floor of the boat and “tanned”. We all actually passed out, and didn’t wake up until Boone jumped on all of us.

We made it back to the docks and came back to the farm for some tacos. Tacos were good and quick, they had everything you could want on the buffet. We had a meeting about fishing for tomorrow, and then we also had some much needed phone time.

The day is winding down and Meena and I are going to the beach. Hope all is well in Marshall after the big storm. Wish I could stay here forever!

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