Mike Sitar – Day 19

Mike Sitar day 19

I am still having trouble getting over the fact that my Alaskan adventure is almost over. I realized this because today we have only one week left in the trip. It really doesn’t feel like we have been here for eighteen days already. I really notice why they make us journal because I bet that I have already forgotten stuff. Even though the trip is in its final week we haven’t stopped doing cool and exciting stuff.
Last night we were informed of how many people were aloud to go fishing for paddock and cod. Luckily there were more spots than usual and I was able to go fishing the next day at one-thirty in the afternoon. This morning I was woken up by the young man Daniel Boone (Mr. Rosene’s grandson) jumping on me, easily my favorite alarm yet. I then had cereal in my mug because I could not find my bowl today and got dressed in cargo pants and an AGLP sweatshirt.
My van members and driver then went to the Pratt Museum. The best part about the museum was this bird watching trail it had. The trail looked like a circle that had a line segment which came off one side and was the entry and exit. We walked all the way around the trail to meet a moose and its baby blocking our way out. My group and i all took multiple pictures and decided that if we went around the trail to the other side there would be a better chance for us to get out. When we made it, we had to get out by slowly edging along the trail to the exit but there was a catch. When you left the moose was maybe twenty feet away. We all got away safely with good picture and a great story to tell back home.
After the museum, the people who were chosen to fish in the afternoon got into three vans and drove to the docks where we met our ship’s crew. We then got briefed on fishing and set free to catch as many fish as we could. Each person caught fifteen to twenty-five fish. These fish were also quite big. Today was a great day and everything turned out just right, I couldn’t have asked for anymore.