Mike Sitar Day 22

Day 22

Mike Sitar

            I had the best sleep of the trip last night. The grass was soft; the air was warm, and there was not a worry on my mind. The only bad thing was that when I woke up I was about two feet away from my sleeping mat. I threw on my shorts and t-shirt then went inside and ate breakfast burritos in the kitchen. After breakfast there was some free time so Brian and I went and got our bins from eagle van. When I was sitting on the floor and opened up my bin, I was surprised by all the things that were in there that I forgot about. From bug spray to souvenirs, I realized how much I already forgot about this trip.

To my dismay I learned that before we left to go anywhere we had to take down our tents for the last time. I really am going to miss sleeping with my four tent buddies. When we where done cleaning up the outdoors we were allowed to take our sleeping stuff inside and set up for the next few nights. We then got in our vans and went to Sam’s club for some food to finish off the trip. While we were there I made a stop at the kitchen and got a Pretzel.

After that we drove to the farmers market. This was the biggest one we had been to on this trip. It had six rows of tents and about thirty columns. I bought multiple gifts and even more food. I was able to finish all of the shopping for my family and had enough time at the end for my entire group to get balloon hats. The day finished off with a delicious chicken dinner and a good nights sleep.

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