Olivia Gary Interview

Interviewee: Ernie

Place: Seward Military Resort- Seward, AK

June 29, 2014


For the participants of the Alaska Great Lakes Project, traveling is new and exciting. The majority of us are considered rookies when it comes to visiting exotic places, but we are fortunate enough to meet people that are willing and eager to share their stories.


Ernie is a server in the Seabolt Hall at the Seward Military Resort, a facility located right across from the Forest Acres Campgrounds, where the AGLP sets up temporary home. His stories of travel and adventure start from as far back as he can remember. Ernie’s father was in the United States Air Force and he spent a significant part of his childhood in Germany at the base. Right after high school Ernie followed in his father’s footsteps and also joined the United States Air Force. Basic training took place in Idaho, and shortly after he was located in Guam for three years. “Am I in some kind of trouble?” was Ernie’s first thought with his new place of living. During his three years in Guam he experienced seven hurricanes. He described what it was like living through a hurricane- watching the crazy storm pass followed by sunny skies during the eye of the storm, “then you go to the other side of the house and watch it all over again.”


Over the years, Ernie has traveled the world. Two places that stick out as favorites are Amsterdam and Spain. In Amsterdam, he tells story of his experience in a hostel. When he first arrived, there was no vacant space available so he just waited at a bar in hopes of having a place to sleep that night. As luck would have it, he managed to get a place to sleep with eight roommates and a locker for his personal belongings.


Ernie originally moved to Hawaii 22 years ago where he lived full time for the first seven years. He still spends his winters there working at Anthony’s, a bar on the main island, but his summers are spent working at the Military Resort in Seward, Alaska. He loves his seasonal work, and who can blame him? It is the best of both worlds!

Olivia Gary